Thursday, 9 February 2012


I have tried going smaller in size via my "inchies", which I loved doing, this time I wanted to "go bigger", see how I would go using a marker on canvas (2' x 2"), and micron on matt board (6 1/2" x 91/2")
Result? I found the canvas easy to work on and the same for the matt board. I could work quite quickly on the canvas, but the shading was difficult using a black coloured pencil. Later I purchased a conte (hard pressed pastel/charcoal) pencil which worked more effectively.
I made some an uneven line on the matt board tangle which I then tried to "fix". Not sure it worked but guess its all part of the process of learning hey!

So..after I complete a second 2x2 canvas, am I brave enough to try a bigger canvas? I do like the idea, sounds fun.


  1. What a great effect! the larger size shows the tangles so well and the piece must be very showy. Which was your favorite, the canvas or the matt board?

  2. Thanks, I think the canvas was most fun as it was quick and looks more dramatic. The matt was nice and smooth. they are both good in different ways. i have an art teachers exhibition coming up soon so have to get onto my big one!!