Friday, 4 July 2014

Some colour for you!

Hi there, I received a lovely comment from someone waiting to see my tangles on last weeks bright tiles, so here are a couple. Hope you like them!

The blue is actually white as I took the photo in dim light. The white areas were covered with
masking fluid when I did the wash.

Thinking I need to use a bigger nib next time. I haven't done any shading yet, 
not sure it needs it.

I am in a quandary with these watercolour washes. some of them are so nice it seems a shame to cover the effects with pen!!


  1. waouh ! I love them ; bright & beautiful !

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous Anne. Love how you used masking fluid under the wash. Adds an extra dimension to the effect. You've inspired me. Xxx

    1. So pleased to have inspired you. Im always looking for new ideas and am passionate about colour, so join the wagon train!

    2. What paper do you use. I keep finding that the masking fluid pulls up part if the paper.