Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Diva Challenge #203: UMT Athitzi

Hi all! This week's challenge is a simple yet complex one . The actual stroke is just that, a stroke, but it's the arrangement that requires some thought. Once you get caught up in its creation, it is quite calming through the simple repetition.

The "UMT: Use my tangle " this week is "Athitzi" by Eleanor Holt. For mine I liked to use the circular arrangement.

Continuing with my mono tangles for the Facebook Zentangle Artist Trading Cards swap:-
Tangles: Camelia, Sindoo, and Drupe.

Ive been thinking about the unfortunate folk in Northern America snow bound and freezing! so thought I'd pop in a few pictures from my garden to cheer you up and remind you Spring is on its way!!


  1. I like how you fanned out Athitzi from the corners. I did mine in circle but I struggled a bit. Fanning from the corner like you did solves that problem. :) I really like your square in the middle too! Nice tile!

  2. Beautiful tile with this tangle and thank you for the wonderful pictures of your garden! It does help me to see the end of winter. Beautiful flowers!

  3. Beautiful tile with Athitzi and absolutely wonderful ATC´s!
    Thank you for sharing of your photos with these lovely flowers!

  4. I like the way you used Athitzi in your tile and it's so different to the other entries.

  5. Your tile is lovely and so are the flowers you share. A nice gesture to friends in 'cold' countries.