Thursday, 20 December 2012

100th Diva Challenge

A landmark challenge this week! For such an auspicious occasion it is certainly fitting for Rick and Maria (creators of Zentangle) to provide the challenge. This challenge is met with a brand new tangle for us. "Let's Dance". Yay! Celebrate!! I got so into the tangle I did three straight off!

My four days in Tasmania seemed like two weeks we fitted so much into it. Its taking a while to recover but was worth it.

To prove we have arrived in Hobart!!

The hotel we stayed in on 17th floor

A third of the view from the hotel!

Could be Europe? No, its Hobart!

Jan and I out for a nice fish meal.

The view from the restaurant

Another night we had Prawn Caesar Salad. One serve was enough for the two of us!!
A19th century church


  1. your tile are great - such fun playing with this pattern. and your trip photos are beautiful - looks like you had a great time :)

  2. They do move across the page with grace!

  3. Three beautiful tiles; the second one is my favourite.
    Thank you for sharing the photo's!