Monday, 10 December 2012

Let stalk strine in art and Coloured zendala dare #35

Managed to complete a coloured z d 35 last night. See below. I used Gelly Rolls again, but shaded with Verithin Prismacolour pencils and not applying shading with watered down gelly roll colour as I did previously.

I finally finished cleaning and packing up at school today. Phew! What a relief. I was surprised I actually finished it all! While I was going through my work and pictures from years past students had done, made me quite enthusiastic about writing my "art book". Not too sure which audience but will put it together first and then see which direction it takes itself.

Another interesting find was the picture below. I wrote this out to both encourage my students (years 11 and 12) to work a bit harder and have a laught at the same time. I don't actually thought it was funny, they were too young. There was a book written quite a few decades ago called " Let Stalk Strine" written by Afferbec Lauder. (You have to say the words to get the joke) It was a take off (making fun of) the Australian language. Often you wouldn't understand anything until you actually read it out aloud. There were funny pictures to go with it. Very drole. ocassionally I will email a friend in this way of talking and get a similar reply. Its quite funny because you wont have a clue what its about until you say it aloud! Sooooo.. see if you can understand this ...(you may need to print it out first)


  1. Your zendala is lovely. Great colours!

  2. Beautiful colors, looks like needle work. Great :)

  3. Needlework! Yup that is what it reminds me of, too. Love it!