Saturday, 8 December 2012

Zendala Dare #35 and last day

I had my final lesson with students last Monday. They weren't my normal class, they had already left. At the end of each year our school have a week called "Service week". During this week the Year 9 and volunteers from other classes provide 'service' for other people. Some go to special campgrounds where they do gardening for 3 days, some help clean the school, some do cooking and sing for retirement villages. Those who cook and sing also make  Christmas cards which will go with the goodies they have made, which get bundled into a present for the residents. What a special day it is for them when the students visit. I had the task of  guiding the students in making the cards. There were 7 students and 1 1/2 hours in which to make 80 cards!!!! Understandably some were simply a hint of a card, but some were quite artistic. I don't have any cards to show but here are some of the students.

For Zendala Dare this week, Erin is making us work hard and create our own zendala from a paper snowflake. The idea is really good, and it is good to be challenged. But I am already geometrically challenged thank you. Anyway, I did what I was shown to do. Uh oh. First attempt was hopeless. Second go a bit better and the small snowflake for a tile was ridiculous! As some are doing this with me, I thought I'd put on my design to share here. Those who aren't 'Zendala Dare"-ing might be interested and have a go too.

This is the second 'snowflake'
The snowflake is then traced around and tidied up and anything added if you wish to. My  final drawing is below and any flaws will be covered with tangles. I think it will be quite interesting to see if the shape remains when completed. Actually it looks a bit better on the screen than in real life....

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  1. congrats on being done and dusted baby... sure it was quite a mixed feeling driving out those gates on the last day... looking forward to a huge surge in your creative output now... how exciting for us...xx