Monday, 15 October 2012

Colour challenges; colour scheme template

Following on from this morning, I have made a template to colour in for Split Complementary Colour Schemes.binations beside each  There is a small tertiary colour wheel on the top right corner, which you can fill in first. I have written out the colour combinations beside each row. In the rectangle you can draw tangles or a simple abstract design to do a sample for the scheme. Use lighter and darker shades as well and black and white are included for all schemes (optional). This was made on A4 paper. Best to print out onto art paper for coloured pencils.

I am going to step out and create some more colour challenges. As you can see from the 3 I posted this morning, the use of certain colours together creates such a variety of effects. My first challenge was to use the 3 secondary colour schemes. For my second challenge I want you to fill in this reference chart. You will be very surprised at some of the colours that actually do relationally go together!

I don't have any Mister Linkeys but you could use my challenges for zendala dares or Divas challenges.
I can see I will have to improve my IT skills and become more professional about challenges. Living in the country is a bit of a drawback when it comes to classes being available.

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  1. ok, i get it now, anne :) i will print this out and get to work on it. thanks for making the chart for us!