Thursday, 11 October 2012

Recent work

Yesterday I posted a "texta'd" zendala but wasnt happy with its quality. Today I have scanned it so heres hoping for some improvement. Also I will post another zendala which I shall paint but you may like to try to paint also. 

oh, that is much better!!!


For my grandchildren I did a series of zendalas in both coloured pencil and tangles. Then I cut them in half for bookmarks. This was the only one I photographed!

Half trees and half blind strings!!

A few posts ago I sent a challenge to create 3 similar tangles and colour each a different colour scheme, then see how they differed in effect. I used string 3 for this and a complementary colour scheme. It also includes a new tangle which I hope to get posted soon.

Now I am home from holidays, I plan to catch up with challenges and zendala dares!!

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