Friday, 12 October 2012

new tangle- Moonflower

Fancy this! Two posts in one day!!
I have set out the steps for my new tangle, which I called "Moonflower". I hope there's not one called that already, but it does have a moon and a flower!! I used it in my previous post for Diva's challenge #90.

The first method I used a circle template, but when I first designed it, I actually built it freehand, so I included that method as well (not particularly well done)

The idea is for a nice flow from one to the other.

Here is the last post's tile again..(I liked using it with my other tangle Camelia) It works well with a little shading using pencil as I have done below.


  1. That is really neat!!! Thanks for sharing your moon flower!

  2. Hi Anne, I am new to Zentangle. I noticed that in the freehand version, instead of drawing a circle using the 4 squares of the paper, you drew a long wavy line, then the reverse of it to make '3 circles'. I have noticed this sort of approach in other step outs (other sources). Is there an 'official' reason behind breaking up a simple shape into odd parts? I'm pretty sure my freehand wavy lines would make ovals, not circles. Lovely pattern, by the way!