Wednesday, 10 October 2012

testing textas on a zendala design

"I wanta dor" says 4 year old Jemima. Out come the textas and shes happy again!
I have just completed drawing another zendala dare (sorry, don't have number), so we share them together. Bit of a difference as I am testing them on watercolour paper and using added water to create blending.
here is the zendala I worked on..
Materials I  used were children's Crayola Textas and Arches watercolour paper 300gsm.

I began in the centre, blending the green and yellow. I discovered that working the blending caused the paper to pill, little bits coming from the surface.  Next, I chose to blend using added water and paintbrush, similar to secondary blending using a blender marker. This proved more effective and easier to control. Where I had caused the centre to be quite dark, I was delighted to use the subtractive watercolour technique, laying a little water over the dark colour for a few seconds, then placing a tissue over the top. This lightened the area considerably, drawing out the colour.

Overall I felt the result was ok, but would probably be improved with artist quality markers, and definitely watercolour paint would suit the paper better.
The photo was taken with my phone, I dont think I quite got the focus correct!!

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