Sunday, 14 October 2012

zendala dare 27 and colour schemes

Zendala a bit different this time. Always good to have challenges! I really appreciate Erin's commitment to provide the weekly Zendala Dare challenge.
A few posts ago I sent out a challenge to repeat a zentangle inspired art piece using  the three secondary colour schemes. Here are my efforts. I used Marg Bemner's string #20. Tangles and patterns are Cubine, Holibaugh, Crescent Moon, Camelia, Moonflower and  Ninja.

Complementary colour scheme of red and green, using coloured pencils (Derwent Artists)

Blue and orange. Media watercolours (Winsor and Newton pans)

Purple and Yellow using coloured pencils.

 I love to try different colour combinations. Whilst only black and white are used for true zentangles,
and I really do enjoy creating those, I also enjoy the adventures colour provides. In fact I think I will explore the Split Complementary colour schemes!! If you are joining in I would love to know.
You may create split complementary schemes by using one colour with the two colours either side of its opposite colour. Create your own colour wheel to explore all the options. It is an adventure!!


  1. You did a great job with this dare! I like it a lot.

  2. I Love the centre of your zendala. I can hardly see the original template, and thats what I love. It is so creative. The colored ZT's are great. Thank you for explaining it with your color schemes. I think I am gonna try it. I like working in black and white, but as I see your results of the colored ones I am convinced that working with colors is a great addition. I love the red-green one, I think because it reminds me of beautiful roses.

  3. I love the character of your zendala...regal!

  4. Your zendala is great--wonderful choice of patterns! I've saved the color challenge template--that'll be fun to play with! Thanks!!