Monday, 22 October 2012

ZENDALA DARE #28 and colour scheme

This week I used Sandy's book "Alphatangle" as a reference for Erin's Zendala #28, and used a split-complementary colour scheme of red,yellow- green and purple.
Pepper, finery, frondous, evoke, ennies,and crescent moon.

Over my holiday I completed a few zendalas I hadn't done, testing some colour schemes.

Red,bue and purple is an 'analogous' (some call it 'harmonious') scheme,
 ie. using adjacent colours on the secondary colour wheel..

A split complementary colour scheme of red, blue-green and yellow-green.


  1. omg!! beautiful work!!! love the colours

  2. Beautiful, your colors are so bright and shiny. Always love visiting your site.

  3. very beautyfull,love the colors!

  4. The colors are so fun-I really love the last zendala! So vibrant and inviting! Beautifully done!