Monday, 26 November 2012

AEDM#26 & zendala dare #33

I am a bit pedantic about being committed to posting daily when its part of a challenge, but sometimes life just takes over and suddenly a day has passed without fulfilling what I wanted. Never mind I say, that's life.

Erin posted a lovely zendala dare on the weekend which I have at last completed. A new thing I did with this one was to use a large area of black in a two colour piece. I think it added a bit of drama through the strong contrast of tone..

I used coloured .005 pens and Prisma Verithins.


  1. Very wel done, there is a balance between the colors and the black/white. The pencil color on the outside gives a gentle touch.

  2. A lovely zendala, that's for sure!!! I like the white aura's and the black parts. Great idea.

  3. Lovely. Great balance in the use of color and black and white.

  4. I love it! its al beautyfull mix.
    I can learn something from it ..thank you very much