Thursday, 31 January 2013

travels and challenge #104

This week we were asked to create a zentangle in a provided string. String no.3 sent by yours truly(buzz).It is quite a long string, creating 26 shapes. Phew! I thought such a tangle would need some consistency to unify else you'd end up with quite a mess. Its making something complicated into a simple design. For my first attempt I chose to do only straight lines, and to repeat some patterns to bring it together.I also used Bridgen for the string, which as I look at it now i dont think improved things at all. Then for the second I used larger patterns and continued them in other areas, togehther with curved lines. I was happier with that one.

Munchin, Bridgen, Hollibaugh, Bateek, Keeko, Striping, Knightsbridge, Paradox

Drupe, Camelia, printemps, Inappod, Voxter, Dyon.

I have had an amazing 5 days holiday. First we flew to Adelaide where I visited a friend I was with at college , which was very special. Next day we boarded the Indian Pacific Train which goes from (you guessed it) Perth on the West of Australia on the Indian ocean to Sydney on the east coast ie, the Pacific.
The train is very comfortable and the meals are amazingly gourmet. The trip takes one through the Blue Mountains in NSW and across the wheat plains of South Australia. I had already been on this train from Perth to Adelaide across the Nullabor Plains (magical), so wanted to complete the other section. I have also been on the Ghan which goes from Adelaide to Darwin. You haven't seen the world unless you have done this one!!It is totally unique, with colourful and another world scenery. my next zentangle.. a coaster from the train!!

Printemps Meer, Diva Dance, Pais, Onamato, Reticulate, Antidots, Golven, Baton,

AND, I did one for my friend as I didnt have a zentangle with me to show her what they look like. So the next is one I did for her.

Ennies, BTL Joos, Asian Fans, Crescent moon, Cubine, Mi2, Camelia, Sandswirl, Hollibaugh, Unyun, Tipple, Floatfest.

Now as if that isnt enough I have another one!! This was done while waiting for the plane which was 3/4 hour late. I had started it the night before so actually took a bit longer than that to do.

Btl Joos, Static, Bales, Hollibaugh, Striping.
I am quite amazed that in 5 days I did 5 zentangles!! on holiday!!. It was so fun tangling in the waiting lounge at the airport while all else were aggitated, especially after being told to queue up, then 20  mins later told to sit for another 20!! Yay! Go zentangle for peaceful karma!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Diva's Challenge #103

For Diva's Challenge this week, we are to work on the Moebius Syndrome logo.
Moebius Syndrome s a congenital nerve disorder affecting some facial nerves controlling the lateral movement of the face. It is remembered on Jan. 24th. Laura's son Artoo has this condition.
The colour for the logo is purple, but I felt I wanted to do a symbolic design, so I had pink to represent the gentleness of a child and black to represent the difficulties faced with having a child with this disorder. The pink hearts are shielded by Ionic, and my linework using Dansk
and Voxter represented the possible emotions of a parent dealing with MS, whilst Tipple presents some cushioning comfort from wonderfull friends, and Coaster for the ups and downs of life.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Zendala Dare 41 #2

Interesting to compare my two. i think the colouring beforehand gives a nice soft touch. The second one is more precise. I have been trying to use new tangles where I can, at least ones I havent used before. For this design i used arcles, all about V, copada, ennies and drupe.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Zendala Dare #41

After last weeks straight lines, this weeks zendala dare template was delightfully curved! Thanks Erin. For a change I decided to colour the background first with my Verithins, as I discovered the pen goes over them nicely. However, once completed, the gradient wasnt as obvious, so needed touching up. My first picture is taken with my phone at night, so isnt crash hot, the second one is scanned.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

experiment #2

In tidying up my desk I came across this ink blobby thing, so decided to tangle it mainly with Diva Dance as I was on a roll with that. I think I could have done some more to it for more definition, but Im a bit over it, so will post as is..

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Being a colour-holic, I collected some paint sample cards from a hardware shop recently, tho I had no intention of painting, but thought they may be good for something.I had a "Ladies craft day" at my place yesterday, so tangled one of them. Also taught two of the ladies how to tangle. They loved it of course and their second tiles were amazing.

Verdict? The surface wasn't too good to draw on, and eventually the pens ink wouldn't take, The ink sunk into the card and went pale; too easy to smudge as ink took a long time to dry on it; pencils used to shade worked really well; if I could match the colours for the white line space, it would give a pleasant gradient of colour; I think the idea is worth another shot, as ideas are coming for ways to improve the process! Perhaps you'd like to have a go?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Another Zendala Dare #40

My intention with this zendala was to do it brightly coloured. However, as can happen, something else developed. I began to fill in black behind the pattern 'Finery', then coloured black in some other places, ending up doing black white and blue-grey. A first time doing this. I omitted shading as I wanted to focus on the three tones. I used 'Sedgling','Efilys' and 'Spanders' tangle patterns, for the first time. Since release of the new Catalog, I am making a focus of using patterns not used before, or for a long time.

Sunday, 13 January 2013


I do look forward to Sunday when I can down load the next Zendala Dare! Thanks heaps Erin at thebrightowl
I was also glad to not be doing "don't"'s!! Its surprising how much doing what we do means to us. I love to use colour, though I admit you can't beat a masterpiece in black and white. However, in going through the new Tanglepattern catalog,  I decided to use some tangles I hadn't used before. These were 'Bumps' by Sue Jacobs and 'Cayke' by Rose Brown.
Erin felt the zendala template she gave us wasn't the best, but I think, well it will give us a bigger challenge, and that's good, right?

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Relax a bit

I have had a very frustrating week with my blog site. I was unable to down load images as there was no browser button to select my zendala. So to quiet myself I did a coloured tangle and felt a lot better after that. Here it is.


This week's zendala certainly has a difference!! We are to select some things we regularly do, and NOT do them! I haven't used pink and brown before for a zendala, so used these two colours; I always add shading so omitted to this time....that was a bit hard! As yet I haven't created a mono zendala, so used jalousie only, with some variations. I might make a comment what I think about what I've done, but thats's not allowed.. a good thing I think, seeing as "there are no mistakes in zentangle".

zendala dare#39

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

zendala dare 38 colour

Despite our lounge room being attacked by kittens who like demolishing their "toys", I managed to do a colour zendala last night, using Gellyroll pens. The actual colours are more intense than on the screen. I found the thicker pen point not as satisfying as the .005!