Thursday, 31 May 2012

Challenge #72

I'm surprised today that I actually found some time to do the challenge this week! I like monotangles, less thinking is required!!
The month of May has been our yearly Art Gippsland, and I entered four art shows!! All tangles on canvas too! I'm still working on one that has to be in tomorrow. Will post that Sunday

Saturday, 19 May 2012

challenge #70 and Art Show award

This weeks challenge from Laura was to use the colour sepia. As I seem to be into zendalas at the moment, I used black and brown to design the following.
Arriving at the Yaragon Art Show this morning I was greeted with "Guess who won the 'Best Drawing ' prize?" Now I thought it would be my friend Bertie, as she had entered a lovely sketch of an English cottage. "No, it was Anne Marks" Could have knocked me down with a feather! Evidently the line work in my zendala can be classed as drawing. The judge was impressed with the evenness. Freehand of course. (Thats why its not perfect ha ha). So here's a picky to prove it and a photo of me demonstrating. SOOOO much interest in zentagles! Bertie did get a Highly Commended award for her 'Teaset" . She won't mind if I put it here though its not a great shot due to reflections. Good that zentangling is now winning awards here hey!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

canvas tangles for art show

I've been flat out trying to get some canvases completed for Yaragon Art Show on this weekend. I need to deliver them tomorrow morning. Happily I completed them this afternoon. All I need to do now is get hubby to put on the wires and screws. He was going to buy them when he was out shopping. But he forgot. Oh well, guess I can whizz out first thing in the morning and buy them.
I did two zendalas 2x2 feet, using Sakura gelly roll pens. They were great to use, better than markers! Occasionally the lines would wobble due to the canvas uneven surface despite coating with lots of gesso. I did a small one which wasn't crash hot as I made some mistakes, then decided to cover the mistakes with black acrylic paint. Over that I used white gouache paint for the tangles. After I added black tangles around that square it looked worse, so did some light white washes over that!! talk about experimentation!! Anyway, I like the 2 big ones fortunately.
 Ive been asked to demonstrate zentangling at the show, so that will be a first for me!!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

night zendalas

Completed some more zendals. The second was mostly done while I was supervising the art teachers' exhibition, I just finished it tonight. Whilst these are small (3 1/2" diam) I enjoy them because I don't know what comes next and they can be done in a few hours.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Developing Images (2)

Yesterday I was struggling to get my material loaded. I'm not very knowledgable about web pages. Then I had the idea to scan everything and then they would be in My pictures, and classed as a "picture" even if it was text, so here goes...........................

Phew, made it! I found that the two A4 images are too pale when put together to post, so will post them in two halves, and you can print and piece them together. The art works not brilliant, but I.m sure whoever has a go working through the exercise will get the gist of what its about and have some fun. Love to see anyones results. This was directed to year 11's.

Wouldn't you know it! My "Final " is still at school!! Duh. I'll send it with my next post. sorry about that, but something for you to look forward to.


"Developing images using the elements and principles of design."
This exercise was part of my first Professional Development to some other Art teachers. I thought some may enjoy working through it. The idea behind it was two fold, 1) make the students aware of how an element can effect an image 2) introduce students to abstract designs.
First the instructions and secondly my example of the exercise.
Later:: seems what I posted didnt post ! I will try again tomorrow but now I must get tea!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

night zendala #3.

I've started calling my little zendalas "night" ones as I do the while I watch TV! Pleased with this 3rd one.

Think I might make some greeting cards with it!!

My session teaching the Art teachers yesterday went well. They all enjoyed the time and learnt something new yet very relevant. I will share what I did soon for those interested. Busy today. I have 3 canvas tangles to create in a week for the Yaragon Art show. Decided I want to do a zendala for two of them, which I will add a border to, else would be too big!! This time I gave the canvas two coats of gesso before working on them.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

zendala and #69

This weeks challenge is to use the tangle "Groovy". at the time I had out my jelly roll pens to create a birthday tangle for a friend, so decided to use them for this challenge. You know how weak I am when it comes to colour! They were great to draw with. For the shading I used prismacolour pencils, but wasnt so happy with that as they seemed to take away from the nice linework of the pens. We live and learn hey!!

Following that, I had just purchased a large circle template and was itching to use it, to do a zendala. I liked this one!! Used pink, orange and red .005 pigmas. Analogous colour scheme!
I have received my zendala set, and have begun one, but as I'm not happy with it, I have ignored it!! Naughty hey? Promise I'll persevere soon. I have been very busy preparing a Professional Development for Art teachers on 'Developing Images'. That's on tomorrow. Maybe I could add it to my blog if anyone is interested. It's about taking an image and making various alterations using the elements and principles of design, as a teacher would with a class. Let me know.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

inky tangle

I did this a few weeks ago with students when they were experimenting with using inks. Couldn't help filling in the white patches with tangles!! Placed ink drops on watercolour paper, then sprayed briefly with water.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

canvas tangles and challenge #68

Who's been a busy girl?
Completed Challenge #68 (use tangles Hibred and Strircles) last night. I like the duo tangles, they require a different approach.
I discovered a Mandala site which taught how to "Grow a Mandala" from scratch and was delighted with my first attempt.
Then of course I have also been busy completing work for the Art Teacher's Art Exhibition which opens in two days and required delivery today! I managed a total of 3 single pieces and 2 double canvas pieces. I have put most of these on my blog already, so will post the rest today.

First #68
Second "Grow a Mandala" This was similar to creating a zentangle as you have no idea how it will end!
I drew a few grid lines but didnt do any circles, and was quite surprised how round it turned out considering I have difficulty making any lines even!
Yesterday I finished my recent canvas tangles, a pair but could be singles.

Then putting them together...

Not forgetting to do the edges... as some tangles didnt end up non the edge, I did a single one all along the edge,

As tthe other teachers wont have seen this type of art before, its going to be very interesting to see their response.. I'll keep you posted!