Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Diva Challenge 225

Hi all! Sorry I haven't been around for a while, and todays just a quickie.
This weeks Diva challenge is to create something colourful. I have used a new tangle by Ina Sonnenmosser called Basement, and made a ZIA. I used coloured fine liner and Prisma coloured pencils.

Some other works created lately are a tangleation of Knightsbridge and another new tangle by Ina called Guardian. The background for Knightsbridge was spray inks and stencil. The media for Guardian was watercolour paint.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Diva Challenge #220. UMT 'All Boxed Up', more inks and stencils

Today's Diva Challenge was indeed just that. A challenge! Asked to use Alice Hendon's  tangle "All boxed up" I made many mistakes as you can see by my first effort. Then I realised I shouldn't have the lines so close together, and to not be such a smarty pants trying to do it on curves when I haven't even done one on a straight line!! So my second effort was created using straight lines and not so close together. I added shading to give some special effects, and colour to top it off. I was pleased with that result. I'm being brave showing first one as its so bad, but to encourage anyone else who struggles.. to persevere!

Continuing to explore spray inks, this week we tried using stencils, finally realising that less is more!!

I think I'd say they all need some fixing up! Some of the good papers I have used for cards.  Show you those next week. To finish off with something a bit more successful are my bookmarks for the Facebook swap group. I've forgotten which ones I've shown already so I'll just put them all on.

Tangles: Wud, Ovy, finery, Bales, Coaster, Pin Bawl and Crescent Moon.

Tangles: Purk, Bales, Sindoo, Wud, Pokeleaf, Flux. I don't know what the flowers are called (but would like to know)

The next two have to be cut into two yet. They doubled as offerings for Stacked and Tangled group on FB.

Tangles: Apulia, Florz, Bales, Chard, Leaflet, Knase, Golven, Fandango, Camelia, Hibred, Reticulated.

Tangles: Chard, Camelia, Leaves, Leaflet, Jetties, Camelia Hibred and Fandango.

All were rendered in Copic or Mexpy markers.

Thank you to those who left such encouraging comments. They are much appreciated.