Friday, 10 January 2014

Renaissance tile no.1

My first Renaissance tile attempt. And my first success in getting a picture onto my blog using my mini iPad !

Sunday, 5 January 2014

ZENDALA DARE #86 'Gratitude', and some ATC's

I really appreciate Erins ( work in giving us Zendala Dares in the holidays! Also considering all the work she has at hand. Thanks Erin. Her theme for this week is "Gratitude". The template is shaped like a frame, and inside we are to place something we feel very grateful for. I find my friends a great source of strength and enjoyment, so have placed that as my theme. As I always seem to do work in colour ,I've done this in black and white. Plus the fact that frames are rarely multi-coloured.

Ive continued to work on card taken from art gallery invitations for my ATC's and am quite enjoying the challenge. Some card is glossy, so that is an extra thing to master in that the ink doesnt take at one, or dry quickly and so its easy to smudge, but the end result is worth it.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

More of the ATC's!

Yesterday I was sorting through old Art Gallery invitations, deciding what to keep, what to pass on to an art teacher and what to throw out. Then I had an idea!! All this nice card and colour, why don't I use it for my zentangle adventures!!? In particular, ATC's. So thats just what I did. I cut one painting up into ATC size and tangled two of them. I rather like the effect. What do you think? I first used a no.1 pen, then tried a .05. I found the latter too fine against the colour, so reverted to the .1. As the card had a slight sheen, I found I needed to be careful to not smudge the ink as it took a while to dry. I then shaded with Prisma Verythin coloured pencils.

This is one of the cards before tangling with part of the painting on it

Next week I shall be off to Perth once again to see my son and his family of seven children! They are expecting no. eight on Jan 9th, so I shall be busy. Heres a picture of myself with Chris as a toddler., then have a look at what he has produced!