Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Diva Challenge #228 Nature/organic

Little different approach today, and pastels colours too!

Tangles: Henna Drum, Mooka, Sunflower, Blue Bonnets
Media: Markers.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Diva Challenge #227 Circus

I made a few booboos this time! I happily worked away on the "Circus " challenge and was quite happy with my result. THEN I discovered I should have used certain tangle patterns! Duh!  as Im going away again, I don't have time to do another one, so I will unashamedly post what I have done.
At the end of last weeks' blog I suggested folk try the colour scheme I have used, aqua, red and lime green. If you tried it, let me know. and a big thank you to all who posted such encouraging comments last week, they mean a lot.

Tangles: Printemps, Striping, Shattuck, Jalousie, Reticulated, Onamato and Hibred.

Other work under creation for my swap friends has been a challenge of one colour, 3 tangles.

..and I have just finished the watercolour ATC swap.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Diva Challenge #226 "Simplicity"

I've been away for a few days in the city of Melbourne and it has been cold and wet. When I left today  it was 8 degrees centigrade! But I have been keeping up with my tangles, and have a few to share tonight now I am back on my laptop.

This weeks' challenge to use two or three tangles and white space was an enjoyable task, and I liked the result, particularly as I'm prone to fill a tile every time!! I wasn't sure about the shading so I've included both.

 I think it must be the most minimal I have ever done.
Here's another tile where I attempted to create some white space.

Another challenge I worked on was a monotangle using Coaster, and an artwork for my tangle "Euca"
Euca in Prismacolours
For those who are struggling with colouring tangles, i'd like to give you a challenge to use the colours  red, aqua and lime green together and let me know what you think. Shades and tints allowed.
              Happy tangling!