Thursday, 25 September 2014

Diva Challenge #186 (2)

I began this post card a few days ago and finally finished it. Its a more abstract version of leaves, more my genre. This was completed in watercolour paint. Added my cat "Millie", who loves to sit on the top of hubby's chair!!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Diva Challenge #186: Spring colour challenge.

We were asked to trace or draw leaves and colour and tangle them with an autumn or spring theme.
First off, I had a spare watercolour background which was quite "autumny". I traced a few leaves from the garden, painted them, then tangled. I enjoyed that process. As it is Spring here, I wanted to do one to show off the lovely spring colours.

Great spring colours!
Fresh green leaves

Some fun pieces for Petal Power (Alphabet flowers)
Bridgen for 'B' and for 'C', Corner Box, Cruffle, and Chainlea.

Challenge for Square One.. Use 'Dex"
Sunday challenge : Bible books..Exis, Zedbra, Ragz and Arundel

Trial pieces for 2 tangles, two colours.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Diva Challenge #185. DUO tangle

This week our challenge is to combine Phycops and Diva Dance tangles.  I really didn't come up with any masterpieces this time as I found Phycops a tad difficult. I hadn't used it before. Anyway, you win some you lose some.

On our Aussie ZIA Facebook site we have a new challenge to create a flower from each letter of the! My first is for A I used 'Antidot'

On the family front, I am so excited about  5 of my  grandchildren (girls) in their school sports. They ALL won first or second in every race, who hoo! Their mum nearly made state level so she is a runner indeed. The grade fiver won runner up championship, and grade three won 3 first places!!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Diva Challenge #184

For this challenge we are to use Molly Hollibaugh's pattern "Ing". It's a fun pattern to work with as it is so flexible. My first tile was an adventurous one as you will see, trying to do something different for me. Following that one I wanted to do a coloured one, but it seemed more suited to black and white when I had completed it. In the second one, I used the line extension method to divide up the tile. So..I tried another tile! This was more flowing and this I did colour, using both paint and pencil. I wondered if I should colour the background but left it white. Hope my design's will inspire you in some way.

Tangles: Ing, windfarm, lotus pod, moon stars.

Tangles: Ing, florz, khirkee, ilana, paradox, knase, Ricks arrows.

Tangles: Ing, mah-kra-mee.

I'm also participating in some Facebook tangle sites which offer challenges, and thought these may interest you..

The first is a weekly challenge around the books of the Bible, this weeks being Chronicles. This means TEN tangles! So undaunted, I decided to overlap some, with interesting results. The second challenge was to use Quib.

Tangles: Cubine, Hollibaugh, Rain, Oke, Nipa, Inapod, Capell, Lotus Pods, Emingle, Strircles.
(can you find them all?)

Tangles: Quib, Roscoe.
And thanks to all who gave such encouraging comments last week, it means a lot!!

Friday, 5 September 2014

DIVA CHALLENGE #182 and #183 . plus some colouring-in.

Hello again! Ive been away for two weeks from any fast internet connections in Perth, now returned and enjoying linking up through my laptop and a fast broadband connection.

Challenge 182 was to work around the theme of 'stripes'. How easy could that be?? Believe it or not, I struggled with it. Possibly because I was out of my comfort zone at home and worked in a book rather than a tile. I first attempted rounded stripes, which I coloured, then straight ones

I wasn't happy with either of these, so found a tile and began again, keeping things simple this time.

Much happier with this attempt!. I then enjoyed colouring it red, calling the final one "Adventure in Red"

When I tried to work on this weeks challenge UMT = 'use my tangle', again I struggled, so did my own version of "X-DID" by Annette Carlo.

I was quite pleased with these! I liked the way the shading on the first one brought out a 3D effect. For the coloured one (used gel pens), I created the X-dids with curved and straight lines. You may need to look carefully for the pattern, but it is there!!

While with my grandies  in Perth, we had some fun colouring in Ben Quoks templates!!

Media: watercolour pencils, with touch of wash paint.

Last post I asked if anyone wanted to try my lined drawings to colour-in. I had a little response, so this is for those interested. Id love to see your results, so please email me. The original is A4 in size, but you can make it whatever size you like. (For personal use only) If interest continues, I can give you some tips for colouring in. Main thing is to relax and enjoy the process, like tangling!