Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Diva Challenge #133

" Tipple'" is a tangle I use quite often. Its a good stand by when you have a small or difficult space to fill. Laura's challenge this week is to use this pattern  but stick to the Zentangle method of "be simple, breathe, relax". Facing a blank tile I began but was too restricted at first, so I turned it over and used a double pencil string to bring a bit of stucture to work with. That was all I needed and really enjoyed the rest. I wasnt satisfied with doing one as I was getting into the 'zone', so did another one beginning with a border. I learnt from the first tangle  that its fun to vary the size in a line of tipples! I then added some colour to bring another dimension to it.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Zendala Dare #70

I did a bit of experimenting this week.Thought I'd like to do my zendala on a coloured wash background so collected everything I needed to create a nice pink  one. Ho ho what fun! When I put brush to paper the linework began to run..so stopped rubbing the brush across the page and simply dropped the paint on. As there was then too much paint, I used a paper towel  to soak up the puddles. Because the paper towel was quite scrunched up, it created  an interesting texture. When dry I worked with a pink and a red Pigma micron no1 pen, and shaded with pink and red Prisma Verithin pencils. I did find the paper surface more difficult to draw on having the wash and being watercolour paper.

Diva Challenge #132

Like most others I felt a bit daunted at Laura's challenge this week. Using the tangle Bales create a monotangle using our non-dominant hand. Checking out what others have done so far I felt even more daunted  as they were all works of art!!! However I decided to just have a go and not worry if my work wasn't perfect. As I expected my  very old hand was wobbly, but who cares, its about the process.  Actually I quite enjoyed drawing with my left hand and watching all the squiggly lines create a new design. My painting style is generally naive, so it didnt concern me that the result was imperfect.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Diva Challenge #131

This week's challenge is to create a monotangle using the Tangle "Dex". Took a while to get in the zone for this one, there seemed something wrong with whatever I did. Onwards and upwards!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Zendala dare #68

Having been away for some weeks my Dare 68 is rather late. Add to that trusting my memory what to do, I hadnt fulfilled all criteria, ie to have a "Jekyll and Hyde" contrast either side of the circle. So here are the two completed zendalas.

Showing contrast of colour and black and white

Contrasting colour again, plus simple with complicated,