Saturday, 28 March 2015

Zendala Dare #100

I haven't created a Zendala Dare since Erin stopped doing them for a while. Now she's back on track with them I umed and ahh'd whether I wanted to get back into them, seeing as since then I have adopted Facebook's Zentangle ATC's and Aussie Zentangle Inspired Art sites. The ATC site presents a swap each month, and I just LOOOVE swaps! But its quite a bit of work as we need to create about 10 tiles or ATC's to swap. One of which normally takes me a whole evening or two. So I was reticent to go down Erin's road again. However when I saw it was number one hundred, I thought "I have to do that one" so I'm back on board! Thought I'd show a few of the type of swaps I did.

 Finally, my no. 100!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Diva Challenge #210; New tangle Moonlite

Hi there! I couldn't resist doing a colour one today! More green too! Challenge is to use  a spiral string

Last week I showed a tile with a new tangle called MOONLITE*, and promised the step-outs this week.

Last week's tile now finished. To create this I used JellyRoll Moonlight gel pens, hence the tangle name.*
Hope you like it. 

I also showed last week an ATC which I had marbled with nail polish. That looked good, but I don't think my tangling worked very well. Question was to tangle on the colour or the white.

I also tried tangling on marbled card, using the marble lines as strings. This is for a Facebook swap using a word.I used 'Moonlite' as you can see.

and another 'word' piece..

I had fun using Narwal in this one.(Sorry 'bout the cut off)

That's all for today folks, have a good week!
I look forward to seeing your versions of Moonlite.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Diva Challenge #209, marbling, Moonlight new tangle

St.Patrick's Day:- show a bit of green!!
I'm always happy when told to have COLOUR!!
So I followed Laura's example and got out my Koh-I-Nor paints, and yes, it is a lovely vivid green!

Normally when I use a colour background I will use the same colour pen, so it was a lovely surprise to use a black pen, so dramatic!

I read in last week's Tangle Harmony about using nail polish for marbling on ATC's, so had a go.

These turned out nicely, and I shall tangle them at a later date, but the process also produced some failures and the polish dries very quickly, so there's a skill one has to develop to win at this venture.

In my colouring of "Secret Garden", I decided I needed some more GellyRoll pens (you know, any excuse will do to get more art stuff). I ordered the Moonlight ones and tried them on black card. Sorry its not quite done yet, but thought you might like to see how great they are.
In the process of doing this border, I "invented" a nice tangle pattern. I'll the step-outs on next weeks' blog, but most of you will pick it up from this picture. I think I'll call it Moonlight after the pens.

Hope I have whetted your appetite to do some fun things!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Duo Tangle today and some cool patterns

Just returned home from a mini break. Had a lovely relax with no work to do. Managed to do the Diva Challenge but my laptop was at home so couldn't post it until now.

Its a duo-tangle, using Poke-root and Cubine. Had a bit of fun with it, despite some mistakes..oops. .."there are no mistakes with zentangle"

Rog loves feeding the seagulls, they go so crazy!!

This is our fave coffee shop, its so full of quaint things and nic-nacs plus their coffee is GREAT.
It's called "Milly Moo and Tilly Bear!!
Found this at the Art Deco centre in Napier New Zealand
and this one online under Art Deco..some familiar patterns?