Thursday, 28 May 2020

Old works

Yay Im on a roll now!
Because I couldn't write more than one page before, Im just writing a new blog.
 I thought I might share some of my old work in case they might provide inspiration for someone.

These two below were for making bookmarks.

I just can't move things on my page now, grrr

From these three pics you might get some inspiration for colour schemes.

Maybe that'll do for today
Thanks for

Moving on

Took me a while to work out how to get into my blog to write!! Thanks to tracy who has encouraged me to keep going after a time of not writing, the main reason being I moved house!!! Sadly Ive haven't been doing much art, two reasons, I'm getting slower at life in general and my energy has gone into an art class. As they were all old beginners I had to keep things simple, so i haven't been producing in my own style. We made flower pictures, colouring in mostly coloured pencils and watercolour pencils. Occasionally someone might try watercolour paints. Then we used the pictures for cards.

Now I have a problem - I can't get anything else on my page!! So I will sign off and try to post it.