Saturday, 1 September 2018

Sept 2018

sept 2018

Google has been in touch and evidently they made changes to my blog. Why can’t things stay the same forever..?
It’s very hard on us elderly folk who want to continue with the technology they’ve learnt, but these geeks who are never satisfied have to theoretically make things better but in reality they get worse and you need a better brain or go back to school to keep up with it all. Frustrating
I’m writing this on my tablet. Maybe it’s still ok on my computer. I’ll have to check. That will mean getting up from my seat. Grr.

I’m still in the Zentangle world tho not as much. Helping others advance with workshops. But I’ve returned to my basic roots of painting.
I’m no professional nor am I a realist painter or use oils. I’m only for beginners. That’s prob cos I only taught secondary students.
So my art group and I are launching into watercolours. More like an adventure and exploration than technical masterclass.

If I can download some pics I will but I have to learn how to manage this new set up so be patient please.