Thursday, 20 August 2015

CURVELINEAR!! Diva Challenge . Revisiting Camelia

Asked this week to work on new or old patterns with S or C curves, and have some fun developing them with auras galore. So I thought I'd have some fun with my pattern "Camelia" (step outs included) I called these "Cameliarella"
I found this challenge quite addictive and wanted to try all sorts of things as you will see below.

My first exercise was on some bookmark cards I had over from a recent swap. I just let things develop as they will.

From there I used a micron fine liner on white tile, gradually adding more and more lines, and some circles. Im having fun here!

Why not try a Renaissance tile ? This one turned out way more dramatic than I expected. Having the white highlights really gave a lift.

From thee I shaded one of the white tiles. I think I liked the Renaissance tile best. How about you??

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Diva Challenge #229 Negative space

Being one to usually crowd a tile with work, this week's challenge is a good  one for me. I didn't begin with a string but thought I'd just let it "grow".
Tangles: Henna Drum, Mist, Umble, Mooka, Pais.
I could't leave it at that though, I wanted to add colour, so I erased the shading then had fun with markers, but keeping things subdued.

A recent contribution to "Aussie zentangles " on Facebook..a monotangle of Onamato