Friday, 25 March 2016

Diva #260 and some swappies

Hi all!
I enjoyed doing this weeks challenge. However its not very technically good, but I had fun with the colour!

You may like to see what Ive been up to lately..more swaps with Facebook!!!" Tangled and Journalled.

 Hope you enjoyed my post!

Thursday, 7 January 2016


Hello again to my lovely followers!
Lately i've been engrossed in end of year stuff, going away stuff and Facebook swaps!
So thought I'd drop in and show some recent work to keep you up to date and hopefully inspire you.
I may have shown this one before, but it was a good way to start a new book!

A small one using GellyRoll metallics

The next three are 3 ATC's put together from a 9page group and coloured separately

Entered this into a colouring page competition, you're welcome to try it.

A coloured in of top piece, I aimed at doing a rainbow technique

The next two are for a zendala swap

Hope you enjoyed my page today!