Saturday, 29 October 2011

new tangle

I noticed this simple pattern in a painting recently, and thought it may make a good tangle. My tile sample isnt brilliant but can give its 3d effect, which is the aspect I like.

Next piece is one I did for a friend, but not sure its good enough, the second colour one may be better, what do you think?

Stay posted for challenge #46!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Challenge #45

This week we were to use the new zentangle "Punzel".
I needed to practice this a bit beforehand to get my head around it. Ive been using colour quite a bit lately, so the first one just had to have a bit. For the second one I wanted to just play with the shape and see what happened.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

challenge #44

My first tile was created using "Hurry" and hurry I didnt! I used mostly a .005 pen and occasionally a .01.
I wasn't sure if we were to do just one tangle in a tangle or lots. Anyway, in my first one I did 12.
In my second I really got into it and did "Hollibraugh". I repeated the hollibraugh pattern not once but twice!!Then I coloured it with deep pink prismacolours to make the white strips stand out more as opposed to a black background, which would have been ok but not as joyful which I was by the end of all these lines, I did have fun!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

ZIA for Gippsland art show

I have been working hard on a piece for the local annual art show. I wanted to do a ZIA piece to advertise zentangling. The first one I attempted was in black and white but as I felt it did not have enough impact, I began another one on a colour wash background, thinking I may colour it in afterwards. Creating them on A3 was a bit daunting, having done only the tiles and one or two A4's. The paper I used was from our art store room. It is lovely for linework, but not very receptive to watercolours, being too absorbent, I couldnt use gradient. Too late I discover this!
Finally after trying all sorts of pencils, markers and paints, I chose to shade with a grey marker (indirect) and then add touches of black coloured pencil for a stronger contrast of tone. Phew! Glad its finished, now to frame it. Here are my two attempts. I may do a bit more work on them yet however....

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

challenge #43

It is good to continue to continue considering those afflicted with cancer this month, so our sunflower fun challenge which is in support of leukemia sufferers  is certainly appropriate. I hope my sunflower might brighten someones day..

Saturday, 8 October 2011


I 've had a delightful two weeks in WA with my son and his family of wife and six children, the eldest is 8 the youngest 10 months. Five girls and one boy. whenever I arrive they are keen to get into art and craft. It was with great delight I introduced them to the new zentangle books which they devoured avidly.

A trip to Geraldton revealed some  interesting artwork in the unit we stayed at. Great for tangles!

Not able to use these though due to copyright, but they are an inspiration.
A drive further north near Port Gregory, we found the Pink Lake, amazing! No photo does it justice but you can see the pink!!

After a two day trip home I am now  in 'recovery' mode!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

challenge #42

Not very good graphically, but I did most on the plane and the light wasnt too good. I put little buds of hope on the branches of verdigogh, and for me a rainbow signifies God's promises.

While away I did a few practice pieces...
                           This was made on a colourwash background and shaded with prismacolour
                                    I've done so many coloured ones, I felt I needed to get back to basics
                    My first attempt at two colours..I quite like the concept..
                        Then  I had fun using the angel stamp and building around it with colour
 Lots more challenges ahead as more and more people inspire me to try new things! I need to retire to have the time to do everything!! TTFN

Monday, 3 October 2011

mistaken challenge

Hi ho, seems I chose wrong tangles this week. I thought it was to use 2 tangles Id had difficulty with or not used recently so did Umble and
assunta. Im away in WA, with 6 grandchildren 8 and under. The day is hectic to say the least, but I have managed to get the eldest 2 interested in zentangling. I cant put up any pictures till I get home which isnt for 4 days yet.Maybe I can do the right one on the plane or waiting room. Off to see some whales in the bay now, wot fun.ta ta 4 now