Wednesday, 8 March 2017


I am so thrilled right now!!
I have finally sorted how I can get photos onto my blog from my laptop!!
This may sound like Im dumb and it probably was, but I was using windows 
on my old laptop and found I couldn't do the same things on my Macbook!
Oh yeah, now I know you can just drag one across. I had tried that before but didn't work, 
So NOW I can tell you what Ive been up to, yehah!
(I've never typed in this format before, what do you think??)

I have been working with Facebook groups, in particular Travelling Tangles
For this group one does half a tangle, or just starts one, then posts them to someone else for a swap, who completes the tangle design.
I just LOVE to receive other people's work, it can be so inspiring.

As you will see below, the first picture is a batch I sent to a swapper, the second one  a tile I sent with a zengem, and what the swapper finished the design off with.

Hope you like them!